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Two Pasadena men arrested on drug charges

Published On: 11-17-2016 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, illegal drug, substance abuse


The size of the illegal drug market in the United States is growing rapidly, with drug users spending approximately $100 billion annually on drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana or meth. Thousands of people have been found smuggling narcotics across the borders in America. In early September this year, two Pasadena men were arrested by Anne Arundel County police on charges of possession and intent to distribute drugs like heroin, cocaine, prescription pills and weapons.

Jeffrey Allen Marion, 48, and William Frank Lindsay, 31, were arrested as a result of an investigation of a house on the 8300 block of Woodland Road in Pasadena. The accused are most likely to face charges of unlawful possession of firearms.

The arrests led to the seizure of 236 grams of heroin, 17 grams of crack cocaine, Naloxone and Alprazolam pills, two .22-caliber rifles, a Glock handgun, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and packaging materials, and $7,820 in cash. However, the total value of the seized drugs is estimated to be more than $30,000, said the police.

As per the police records, the accused have a criminal track record of trespassing, physical assault, intimidation and robbery.

Prescription drug abusers turning to heroin

Addiction to prescription painkillers, such as OxyContin and Vicodin, is leading people to heroin as both opiate drugs and heroin have identical chemical structures and are known to act on the same areas in the brain. As prescription painkillers are expensive and can be obtained only on producing a valid medical prescription, it is alarming to note that many opiate addicts are highly vulnerable to misuse much cheaper street drugs like heroin. Besides, illegal consignments of heroin from Mexico are being pumped into Southern California as a readily available and cheaper substitute to prescription drugs.

With prescription drugs becoming the new gateway drug to heroin use, those addicted to pills are 40 times more susceptible to heroin abuse, said the CDC.

How does heroin affect users?

There are three different ways to administer heroin. It can be Injected, inhaled or smoked. Either mode of administration sends the drug to the brain instantly, where it is converted back into morphine which binds to the opioid receptors. Frequent overdoses of heroin suppress breathing, which drastically cuts the oxygen supply to the brain resulting in both short-and long-term psychological and neurological disintegration. This condition is also known as hypoxia which further heightens the risk of coma and irreversible brain damage.

Heroin abuse also causes hepatitis, HIV and collapsed veins, for those who share needles, weakening of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, gastrointestinal cramps, etc. Many times, a chronic abuse of drugs and alcohol may result in increased tolerance and dependence , and any attempt to stop them may cause fatal withdrawal symptoms.

Getting drug-free is possible

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