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Man out on bail in drug case injured in return fire by Pasadena police

Published On: 04-26-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse, illegal drug, methamphetamine


A man who was out on bail in a case of illegal drug possession was critically wounded when the Pasadena police returned his fire recently. The police said no officer was injured in the gunfire, which took place at the 800 block of North Los Robles Avenue in April 2016.

Francisco Javier Flores, 21, who was out on a $50,000 bail, was arrested in January 2016 for illegal possession of methamphetamine and a handgun.

According to the police, the officers tried to pull over a car at a traffic signal where Flores was an occupant in Northwest Pasadena. They had to chase the car as the driver refused to stop and drove away. While the car was being chased by the officers, Flores tried to flee by jumping out of the passenger seat with a handgun. As the officers tried to catch him on foot, he open fired at them. However, he got severely wounded when the officers returned fire and hit his upper torso. The police said after several surgeries Flores improved to serious condition.

Pasadena Police chief Phillip L. Sanchez said, “The Pasadena Police Department Internal Affairs Division was out at the scene, they got a preliminary assessment of what occurred as well. They will be conducting an independent review separate from the criminal review along with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office who was also out conducting an interview as well.”

Lead investigator Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Jauch said that Flores has not been booked as yet due to his hospitalization. However, he added that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will be presented a case with charges of attempted murder on a police officer.

During the previous incident also, Flores had jumped from a moving car that the police were chasing, holding a gun in his hand. He, however, flung the gun onto the roof of a house without firing. The police officers caught an uninjured Flores and found him to possess illegal drugs. He was booked into the Pasadena City Jail, but was released on bail on January 30, 2016. Online records, however, did not show any court proceedings in terms of the arrest made by the Pasadena officers.

Illegal drugs: a growing concern

Cases of illegal possession of drugs have been soaring among Pasadena locals. According to the authorities, the drugs are used both for sale and consumption. In yet another recent incident, 41-year-old Eric Ratliff of Pasadena, along with two others, was arrested for illegal possession of crystal methamphetamine, in addition to a warrant for parole violation. Such incidents exemplify the growing drug abuse among people, not only in Pasadena but across the United States.

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